Galileo Partners focuses on funding innovative companies in the Internet, software, electronics, semi-conductors, telecommunications, medical and media sectors.

Galileo Partners aims to foster investment in innovative technology but also in media and Internet, areas in which Galileo has already experienced major success. The team shares its entrepreneurial spirit, its operational and financial expertise and its vision of the market with enthusiastic and highly competent entrepreneurs in innovative technology businesses.

Since 1989, Galileo Partners has contributed to many major success stories which are still viewed as remarkable.

Gallileo Partners provides financing and strategic advice to its portfolio companies at every stage of their development cycle, from seed or expansion capital to the IPO stage for the “block busters”. Galileo Partners also supports spin-offs from large companies and turnarounds.

The capital provided can vary between € 1 M to € 5 M for a first round to a maximum of € 10 M, funded over several rounds.

Galileo Partners currently manages € 250 M of private equity capital from world-class international investors. Galileo Partners invests both as a lead investor and as a co-investor in syndicated venture financings with both international and French investors.